Praedictix allows you to customize the presentation of your weather. Created in any format, viewed on any medium, and geared towards any market, Praedictix is the ultimate choice in white-label weather. We create everything from 90 second website updates, to 5 minute custom broadcasts for your station, to a 24/7 weather channel specifically for your market. With your look, your logo, your custom map designs and local feel, Praedictix is a cost effective solution to obtaining a custom weather forecast.

Full Broadcast Coverage

Perhaps the most impressive offering in our broadcast division is the opportunity to create a truly custom channel. This channel offers a suite of different products including custom local, regional, and national weather videos, a severe weather crawl, a school closing and election ticker, advertisements, and much more. Praedictix bundles all of this into a convenient and cost effective channel.

Regional & National

Praedictix produces Regional and National weather videos updated throughout the day, focusing on forecast conditions, severe weather, and the top stories of the day. You can choose to incorporate custom weather videos or integrate our standard feeds.

Custom Solutions

Integrate your logo, your look, and your preferences into a custom video for your area. A truly branded video can be made for your brand or your sponsors. We are not interested in promoting our brand to your viewers. We will integrate your brand into every segment we provide.

Automated Content

How do we take weather videos to a new level? By going beyond traditional chroma key weather with cutting edge technology, social media integration, and experienced, competent meteorologists. The best way to predict the future is to invent it and the way we create weather content is unique. Praedictix meteorologists direct and switch their own shows. No directors, no floor crew. By streamlining the workflow process we can pass savings onto our clients.

Air Time

Integrate your logo, your look, and your preferences into a custom video forecast for your area. A truly branded video can be made for your brand or your sponsors. We will integrate your brand or logo into every segment we provide. Praedictix also produces regional and national weather videos. These are updated throughout the day and focus on forecast conditions, severe storms, and top weather stories.


Praedictix is committed to relaying your brand to your viewers. We create maps tailored to your specific location, add webcams for cities that are relevant to you and even incorporate local current weather and forecasts. Every graphic on your channel will contain your branding, look, and feel.

Meteorological Services

Praedictix's team of experienced meteorologists specialize in delivering a variety of services - consulting, forensics, weather briefings - to our clientele, enabling them to clarify their weather picture. 


Our team of meterologists provide on-call consulting services - businesses, individuals, and events - to mitigate safety risks and minimize financial loss. 


Praedictix specializes in forensic meteorology, expert testimony, data analysis for legal and insurance matters, individually tailored consulting, and much more.

Weather Briefings

The Praedictix weather briefing service provides clarity on weather patterns that provide imminent threats to business operations.