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D.J.’s PraeDigits: Tropical Storm Cindy & Record Heat In June 2017

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When we look back at June 2017, we will remember two big stories from the month - record setting heat in the Southwest as well as record setting rain in the Southeast, some of which came from Tropical Storm Cindy. In this edition of D.J.'s PraeDigits, we take a look at some of the records that were set last month due to these big stories, along with some areas that didn't quite see as much rainfall.

The Southwest Was Scorching In June 2017

The heat dominated parts of the middle and end of June 2017 in the Southwest, with numerous locations setting daily records... with some seeing consecutive days in a row with record temperatures! The peak of the heat appeared to occur around June 20th, when Phoenix saw a record high of 119 (tying for their 4th warmest high ever on record) and Las Vegas hit 117 (tying for the warmest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas history). This heat only allowed one location, however, to see their warmest June on record - that was in Tuscon, AZ, which saw four record highs during the month and shattered numerous all-time consecutive day streak records. Other scattered areas of the country also saw a top ten warmest June, with a total of 30 long term climate locations across the lower 48 doing so. Here's a list of some of those locations:

  • Tucson, AZ: 89.7° (Warmest June On Record)
  • Redding, CA: 80.5° (2nd warmest)
  • Las Vegas, NV: 91.8° (3rd warmest)
  • Phoenix, AZ: 94.7° (3rd warmest)
  • Salt Lake City, UT: 76° (3rd warmest)
  • Reno, NV: 72.5° (4th warmest)
  • Bridgeport, CT: 71° (5th warmest)
  • Grand Junction, CO: 77° (5th warmest)
  • Lansing, MI: 71° (6th warmest)
  • Medford, OR: 70° (6th warmest)
  • Miami, FL: 83.7° (6th warmest)
  • Milwaukee, WI: 70.3° (7th warmest)
  • El Paso, TX: 85.6° (8th warmest)
  • Sacramento, CA: 74.5° (8th warmest)
  • Cleveland, OH: 72.2° (10th warmest)
  • Washington (DCA), DC: 77.3° (10th warmest)
  • Salina, KS: 79.2° (10th warmest)

Tropical Storm Cindy Lifted Southeast Rain Totals In June 2017

During the second half of June 2017, Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall in southwestern Louisiana. That system brought a heavy swath of rain to the east side of the system, with many locations in the Southeast quickly reaching top ten wettest June status within a matter of days. However, that wasn't the only heavy rain of the month across parts of the region, as parts of Florida were also hit by heavy rain during the first week of the month.

Only one location in the Southeast ended up with their wettest June - that was Gainesville, FL, which received 16.86" of rain during the month. They not only received heavy rain during the first week of the month (with 4.45" falling on the 7th, which became the 6th wettest June day on record) but rain from Cindy as well. It took them until the last few days of the month, however, to surpass the previous wettest June on record (2012). Overall, 28 long term climate locations saw a top ten wettest June on record in the lower 48. Here are a few of those locations:

  • Gainesville, FL: 16.86" (Wettest June On Record)
  • Erie, PA: 8.46" (Wettest June On Record)
  • Birmingham, AL: 10.80" (2nd wettest)
  • Pensacola, FL: 20.73" (2nd wettest)
  • Montgomery, AL: 12.04" (3rd wettest)
  • New Orleans, LA: 15.48" (3rd wettest)
  • Alpena, MI: 6.40" (4th wettest)
  • Charleston, WV: 8.33" (4th wettest)
  • Mobile, AL: 14.36" (4th wettest)
  • Dallas, TX: 8.44" (5th wettest)
  • Fort Smith, AR: 8.50" (6th wettest)
  • Burlington, VT: 7.17" (7th wettest)
  • Fort Wayne, IN: 7.31" (7th wettest)
  • Pendleton, OR: 2.15" (7th wettest)
  • Atlanta, GA: 7.71" (8th wettest)
  • Tallahassee, FL: 12.74" (8th wettest)
  • Jacksonville, FL: 11.88" (10th wettest)
  • Jackson, KY: 6.21" (10th wettest)

A Few Dry Areas (Outside Of The Southwest)

Numerous areas in the Southwest saw their driest June on record - however, that isn't out of the norm for these locations, as June typically ranks as one of the driest months on record. Where the dry weather was a bit more on the abnormal side was in the Plains and the Mid-Atlantic. Overall, 19 long-term climate locations saw a top ten driest June on record, including 11 locations in the Southwest that saw/tied their driest on record. Outside of those locations, here's the other eight cities that reached the top ten:

  • North Platte, NE: 0.43" (2nd driest)
  • Oklahoma City, OK: 0.11" (2nd driest)
  • Washington (DCA), DC: 1.13" (3rd driest)
  • Glasgow, MT: 0.14" (3rd driest)
  • Valentine, NE: 0.53" (4th driest)
  • Wallops Island, VA: 1.43" (6th driest)
  • Salina, KS: 1.69" (8th driest)
  • Burns, OR: 0.10" (10th driest)

What Could The Month Of July Hold?

In July, the Climate Prediction Center is expecting warmer than average weather across a good portions of the lower 48, with the only exceptions being near the west coast along with areas from the Great Lakes southward through the Ohio/Tennessee River Valleys and into portions of the Southeast and Central Plains. The probabilities are also in favor of warmer than average weather across northern and western Alaska.

Areas from the Central Plains and lower Ohio Valley into the lower Mississippi Valley and Southeast have a probability of seeing wetter than average conditions during July, along with parts of western Alaska. Meanwhile, drier than average weather is expected from areas of the Pacific Northwest through the Northern Plains and into parts of the western Great Lakes. This would not be good news for areas of the Dakotas and Montana. Some of these areas are already under extreme drought conditions which is continuing to cause stress to crops.

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- Meteorologist D.J. Kayser

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