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Products & Services

Creating custom weather content is Praedictix’s specialty. Praedictix allows you to tap into our team of seasoned, degreed and certified meteorologists to give you weather information that is tailored to your needs--from weather broadcasts and automated weather graphics to weather consulting services.

Weather Video

Praedictix customizes the presentation of your weather. Videos are created in a variety of formats and can be produced for any location consistent with your custom branding, graphic elements, map view and cities. We are the ultimate choice in white-label weather. Our automated studio environment allows you to tap into our meteorological expertise and services at a fraction of the cost.

Automated Content

If you are looking for custom, automated weather maps and graphics, Praedictix generates a multitude of weather content to suit your needs. An automated stream of weather content, including forecast maps, weather conditions, videos and/or severe weather alerting are available via our AirTime player. We also offer graphics and maps delivered in a way that works for you and that can be implemented into your own work environment and technology.

Meteorological Services

Do you need help determining your corporate risk due to weather? Do want to know if weather is a risk at your next big event? Our team stands ready to help. Praedictix’s meteorologists provide a wide variety of consulting services from corporate risk briefings to event forecasts.  We can even help you evaluate historic weather events. If you’re in need of a meteorology expert in your next weather-related legal case, our meteorologists can provide forensic weather analyses and testimony services.